Kath Pistorius


Kath, specialises in the progressive coaching for young children and adult beginners. Kath is LTA, BTCA, ITA and RPT qualified and has extensive experience working with young children. She has completed 10 marathons and has many years of classroom teaching experience. Kath has endless patience and has coached well over 10,000 hours on a tennis court, her patience and fantastic coaching skills in delivering individual and group lessons to adults and children is often commended. Kath is extremely hardcore and coaches in sun, rain, wind, snow....you name it, many of her clients have been regulars in her busy coaching programme for many years.

Kath has also coached tennis in South Africa and worked on team at the world renowned Nike Tennis Camps in the USA. Kath has also spent thousands of hours on the side of the tennis court watching both Josh and Amy compete. She has acquired many skills doing so and is able to translate these skills onto the juniors who she coaches.

Kath has worked with a number of children with special needs, she has a fantastic way of helping, inspiring and engaging with these children using tennis as a way to do so.

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  • LTA, BTCA, ITA and RPT qualified